EcoForst T-Winch

With the use of T-WINCH no undesirable rear weight and no structural alteration works of the basic machine are required
Irrespective of the decision which machine is used for working on steep terrain, a maximum of safety is provided together with a minimum of installation work.

  • Independent steering along forest roads is possible by uncoupling the rope
    An easy release of the safety rope ensures the possibility of leaving the logging trail at any time. A remote storing of the timber, somewhere along the forest road can therefore be achieved easily.
  • Maximum safety preventing rope breakage
  • Use of more machines at the same time

T-WINCH is always a valuable assistance to safe working.

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Powerful. Dependable. Efficient.

A young, dynamic and highly motivated team can be found behind the name ecoforst, whose main target focuses on simplifying the timber harvesting in steep and difficult accessible terrain. Based on the team`s own experiences of many years of work in the field of tree felling, a solution-orientated approach has been at the centre of the construction of T-WINCH.

The idea of the construction of an innovative traction winch was born in order to keep safety as high as possible, while keeping damage to a minimum.

It allows access to rough terrain while taking into consideration all necessary ecological set-ups for a continued development of nature.

Wherever unsecured driving poses too high a risk for man and machine, the compact T-WINCH traction aid cable winch is used.

Not only does the use of the traction winch represent significant cost savings for the operator due to the demonstrable reduction in fuel consumption, but the use of T-WINCH also represents an environmentally friendly approach to timber harvesting.

The unusual construction and the functional design also ensure proven and reliable handling in the field. The crawler tracks and the radio control make it easy to reach the operating position and the blade mounted in the front part of the machine provides additional stability in rough terrain.


Toolbox | Rope Outlet | Cast Iron Drum | Crawler Movement | Winch Transmission

Ecoforst builds a traction winch which will ensure the client profits from organising their work more efficiently by the use of modern design, carefully considered operational tasks and quality construction materials.
The diesel engine transmits the maximum torque to a double pump unit with adjustable delivery volume. These two pumps power both the closed hydraulic cycle of the winch transmission as well as the open cycle of the additional auxiliary functions. Thus the crawler movement drive and the movement of the plate can be controlled synchronously, which leads to a maximum ease of use.
To guarantee a low fuel consumption, pressure and volume flow of both pumps are continuously adjusted to the active load by using a load-sensing system.


Cast Iron Drum | Rope Outlet | Winch Transmission

  • +25% Pulling Power
  • +65% Ground clearance
  • +17% Engine power, FPT N45 TIER IV with DEF
  • Slackspooler for improved rope winding
  • Cast steel cable drum
  • Standard disc brake
  • Extended undercarriage for improved traction